Costa Rica


Calibri Tarrazu is a mild coffee that provides and rich flavour of sweet honey and floral undertones.

This super star is one of Costa Rica’s most famous exports.
Calibri Tarrazu is a fabulous single origin coffee which is ideal for any brewing method yet can be enjoyed on its own.
The vibrant and rich flavour of sweet honey and floral undertones elevate the Calibri to great heights as far as taste is concerned, whilst it’s full fragrant aroma is one to treasure and cherish. In our humble opinion the Calibri is one of the better Central American coffees on the market.
This is an all-day coffee which packs a decent hit when used as an espresso.
It compliments and enhances most blends creating superior rich crema and fabulous flavour. We have chosen this intimate bean as it shows promise and is very different to most of South and Central Americas regulars.


250g, 500g, 1Kg


Whole Beans, Cold Brew, Plunger / French Press, Stovetop, Aeropress, Filter, Espresso – Home, Espresso – Commercial, Turkish Style – Extra Fine


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