Mocha Kenya


The Kenya bean presents a flavour if sweet chocolate and malt with hints of tropical fruit flavour and berry like undertones.

Mocha Kenya is a true superstar coffee and is one of the world’s most loved, respected and recognized names.
Superior quality runs deep in the veins of this Kenya bean due to the fact that it is perfect in all aspects from appearance to taste, production and availability.
Coffee connoisseurs around the world readily associate the Kenya bean with sweet chocolate and malt.
Hints of tropical fruit flavour and berry like undertones are also abundant.
A very special single origin coffee which is produced in the highest quality controlled way.
Everything about this coffee leads to a promise of perfection and suited to all brewing styles and packs a decent hit.


250g, 500g, 1Kg


Whole Beans, Cold Brew, Plunger / French Press, Stovetop, Aeropress, Filter, Espresso – Home, Espresso – Commercial, Turkish Style – Extra Fine


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